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Next Generation Macro Investing

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Who We Are

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Tekmerion Capital Management

Tekmerion is a global alternative investment manager specializing in systematic macro.  Our strategy combines the fundamental insights of a traditional macro trader with the analytical rigor of a systematic investment manager to take diversified directional exposures across asset classes in the world's most liquid markets.  Our differentiated process is based on our edges in proprietary Nowcasting, fundamental research, and innovative risk management.  We build deep partnerships with institutional allocators through our collaborative knowledge-sharing and actionable research. 

Our Value Proposition

We cultivate meaningful relationships with sophisticated investors based on:

Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns
Real uncorrelated absolute returns in scale, providing true diversification for institutional portfolios.

Thought Partnership and Thought Leadership
Collaborative knowledge-sharing through access to our proprietary Nowcasts and actionable research, enabling us to serve as a trusted set of macro eyes and ears for our partners.

What We Do


How We Do It Differently

Our approach is based on pure macro fundamentals – both fundamental data and fundamental cause-effect relationships – but applies the modern toolkit of systematic management for a rigorous, repeatable process. 


Our track record confirms we are differentiated from both discretionary and "quant" macro managers, based on our three key edges: 


Consistent Fundamental Understanding

We identify consistent, repeatable, reliable cause-effect relationships whose behavior is robust across markets and economic regimes.


Proprietary Nowcasting Technology

We maintain a suite of proprietary Nowcasts which quantify the vital signs of the world's largest economies in real time. 


Innovative Risk Management

We define risk in macro fundamental terms rather than relying on traditional factors to avoid the trap of unstable correlations.

Our Culture

Tekmerion is built on two core tenets:

Relationships & Doing what we say we will do 

Our founding partners have been friends for over three decades.  That trust equity serves as the model for the relationships we cultivate with all our partners and stakeholders.  And it is the foundation for the resilience at the heart of our culture and story. 

Today, that high-integrity, ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit continues to guide the growth of our firm and its future success. 


We invite you to be part of our journey. 

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"Tekmerion" is an ancient Greek word denoting a "signal" – a natural fit for a systematic investment firm.  It is derived from a root meaning "show" or "demonstrate," and like all words, it carries nuances depending on context.  In philosophical discourse, it refers to an irrefutable axiomatic proof: QED.  But in everyday parlance, it means a boundary-stone: a physical marker placed on the ground, concretely separating one thing from another in the real world.  Our systematic strategies utilize sophisticated mathematical models, but at the end of the day we remain grounded in common sense and focused on achieving real, practical results.


If you identify with David, versus Goliath; if you are a dragon-slayer; if you are an independent critical thinker; if you are great at what you do and are ready to do more; if you are a person who keeps your word; and if you know that players win ballgames, but teams win championships – contact us.


17 State Street | 40th Floor | New York, NY 10004

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